• Personalized Health News

    Curated, Relevant Answers

    Open Source Health offers Curated, Personalized Health News and Research. We do the research for you, and then send you relevant, timely news that pinpoints your interests and your needs. Our curation engine gets to know you, so spend some time filling in your profile.

  • In-home and In-lab Testing

    Test. Track. Share.

    Open Source Health integrates traditional lab testing, and in the future will be moving testing from the lab to the home. Patients will enjoy dramatically reduced blood test wait times & costs, and a personal health profile with all diagnostic and graphed data showing changes over time.


  • Fully Integrative Team

    Hand-selected experts

    Being a part of Open Source Health means connecting with the best physicians, doctors and leading experts in women’s health. Hand select your care team from a pool of curated experts who understand your specific conditions or set of symptoms, and know that you are getting the best care.

  • Individualized Health Programs

    Step-by-Step Guidance

    OSH streamlines patients towards pre-designed care programs, complete with a team of integrative health care professionals, a testing protocol, and a toolkit of products for each step-by-step care solution.


Imagine a world where you are in total control of your health care

Open Source Health Inc. is the first real-time solution that provides the tools and framework that women need to fully participate in their own health and wellness. With open source technology, innovative at-home and in-lab testing, curated personalized news and access to expert collaborative healthcare teams, Open Source Health is poised to lead the current healthcare revolution by capitalizing on the latest trends in healthcare: Customized Medicine, Social Health, Participatory Medicine, Mobile Health and Digital Health.

Open Source Health is dedicated to:

• Empowering women to take control of their healthcare 
• Leveraging innovation and technology to advance women’s healthcare
• An open source, and open data strategy

Company Profile

Toronto, Ontario
CSE Ticker Symbol: OSH
Management Team:
Sonya Satveit (CEO), Fred Trotter (COO), Mike Dai (CFO), Justin Bingham (CTO), Joe Geraci, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer)
Board Members:
Gary Bartholomew, Sonya Satveit, Eric Leslie, Heather Heaman
Auditors: MNP, Toronto
Legal Counsel: Gowlings, Waterloo

Our Vision

Open Source Health’s integrative healthcare platform will become the most trusted solution for women’s health issues. We will help millions of women to take lifelong control of their healthcare by providing them with the tools, the integrative care, and the support they need to actively participate in their own health. As a result, women will be informed, empowered, connected with and engaged in their healthcare solutions, allowing them to live happier, healthier lives.

Our Mission

Open Source Health’s fully integrative healthcare platform is designed to walk women though a system of offerings, education, support and online tools that allow them to actively play a role in their health. We provide packaged solutions and answers to the following questions: What is wrong with me? Are my symptoms normal? What are other women experiencing? What are my options? Who are the best doctors to connect with? Where can I get more information? What can I do today to improve my prognosis? What are the next steps I should take?


1. Our Team
2. Our Passion for Women’s Healthcare
3. Open Source Technology
Open Source Health has pulled together the top people in healthcare technology, nanotechnology, biomarker research and healthcare informatics, hormone health, ePatient advocacy, and user experience. Add strong leadership plus a heaping dose of passion to leave the world a better place, and we’ve found the right balance of experts, technology, and timing.

We’re looking for great people